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How To Add Or Change Blogger Favicon

What is favicon?

First, I believe you know what is favicon, if you don't know, favicon is an icon you see at the top left corner of your browser(Chrome, Fire Fox, Opera and the rest) tap. It is very small in size, usually 16px x16 in size.
In case you still wondering what favicon is, take a look at the picture below;


If your created your blog with Blogger, you will see the default favicon of Blogger, which is Orange in colour with a big Letter B in it or Wordpress blue clour with a Big W in it.

To make you blog look more attracting, you need to change your default blogger favicon, by doing this, it will serve as a reminder to your visitors once they see the icon they saw the last time they visited you blog. That is why i will recommend to you, to change your default blogger favicon to make your blog look more inviting and professional. This will give your visitors the impression that you know what you are doing.
Wondering how you are going to change it, you don't need to get worried because, it is very simple to do this. You don't need to be a webmaster to do it. There are two ways to change your Blogger favicon, which are; editing your blogger HTML or through your layout.

The good thing about Blogger is that, they have made it so easy for you to edit some features in your blog without tampering with your HTML Code. This new feature will help you change your Blogger favicon through Layout on you blogger dashboard.

I am going to show you how to change your blogger favicon in few minutes, just follow the steps below to do it;

1. Log in to your Blogger Dashboard.

2. On your Dashboard  click on Layout.

3. On the next screen that appears at the top left corner of your Blogger Layout, click on the Edit button.

4. Now click on the Browse Button as seen below;

5. Click on the save button. 

After uploading you should see your new favicon not the default blogger favicon any more.

Note: If you view your blog and it's not showing, don't get worried because it will take some time to appear in your browser's tap.

The Second Way To Add Or Change Blogger Favicon

Like I mentioned earlier, there are two ways you can add or change Blogger favicon, either by  editing your HTML Codes or through Layout on your dashboard. I have already show you how to use the Layout. Now I want to show you how to exactly by editing your HTML Codes.

Now follow the steps below;

1. On your Blogger dashboard click on Template.

2. Click on Edit HTML.

3. Now click on the expand widget box at the top.

4. Press CTRL+F to search for the below post.


5. Paste the code below just above the
<b:skin> you searched for.

 <link href="paste your favicon link here" rel="icon" type="image/gif"/>

Note: Make sure you replace paste your favicon link here with you favicon link location.

6. Now you are done, save the Template. Don't be in a haste to see your favicon show because it might take some time to appear.

Just in case you don't know how to create favicon on you own, for your blog then click here to download favicon of you choice. After downloading upload it here  to get the link.

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