Monday, 12 September 2016

How To Add YouTube Adsense To Blogger


Can I link my YouTube AdSense account  to my Blogger Account? 

 Answer: Yes, you can.

If yes, then how can I link my YouTube AdSense Account to my Blogger Account to display ads on my Blogger  Blog?

It is obvious that you can associate or link your Approved YouTube AdSense to your Blogger Blog. You might have heard of this, But you do not know how to link it. Or is this your first time reading something like this? No need  to worry at all,  I am going to show you how link your Approved YouTube AdSense to your Blogger Blog in few minutes.

You need to link or associate your YouTube AdSense account to you Blogger account. Follow the steps below to link your account;

  1. Login to you YouTube Account
  2. Click on YouTube settings
  3. Go to monetisation  settings
  4. You will see option for website linking
  5. Now enter the website you need to link or associate to your YouTube AdSense Account 
  6. Then  summit it.
 NOTE: It must be a Blogger account( i.e not .com domain) for Hosted Adsense Account.

Now that you have successfully linked your account. You need to wait for Google to approve the associated blog. Once that is achieved, you are now free to display Google Ads on your Blog. But make sure that the site linked to comply to Google Adsense Policy as not to get you YouTube Adsense Banned.

How To Add YouTube AdSense Code To Blogger Blog

In case you are wondering how to place Adsense code to you blog or if you already know how to do this, then you don't need to go further. But if you dont't Know how to do this I am going to show you how to do add youtube adsense code to blogger blog in few minutes.

Step 1:

1. Login to your Adseense Account

2. Click on My ads

3. Click on New ads unit

4. Select the ads size you wish to display on you blog depending on your possitioning

5. Click on ads Style to choose a color that suits your blog. But I recommend using the default ads style.

6. Now click on Save to get code.

Step 2:

1. Login to your Blogger Account
2. Click on Layout on your Blogger Dashboard 

3. Click on Add a gadget

4. Click on  Javascript/HTML on the pop up screen 

5. Now paste the adsense code you copied

6. Save it.

If after implemented the code, It did not display, copy the code below and make the recommended changes
and paste it on your blog

<div dir="ltr" style="text-align: center;" trbidi="on">
<script type="text/javascript">
<script type="text/javascript" src="//"></script></div>

Yellow: With your  Adsense ID
Green: Adjust the size of your widget
Red: With your Blog url

 Now that you have succeeded in implementing the code, go to your blog and check it out thank you.

If this post was helpful or you have any issues, please do let me know on the comment box. I will get back to you as soon as possible.

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