Thursday, 22 December 2016

How To Know When He or She Read Your Whatsapp Message.

This is a Guest Post By Paul Nwachukwu

Unlimited Tutorial Forum. Today i will sharing with you another wonderful Whatsapp tricks. For those of our friends on whatsapp who always love to ignore our messages. Today we are going to discover who the are and why the refuse to respond to our messages. In whatsapp we chat with people we already know and sometimes have seen.

We all think that the reason why an individual have not responded to our Whatsapp messages is because he or she is busy. I do not agree with you on that. Cause the come online read our messages and scroll pass them without responding to it. Yet you said is because the are busy. We will discover them all today.

Here Is The Tricks On How To Discover Those People.

Here is what you are going to do Just go to the conversation chat window of whatsapp and keep the message pressed for few seconds.
On the top there is an i symbol. Click on that. You will see when he or see read you.

Hopes this helps you on how to discover when an individual Read your whatsapp messages.
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