Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Sponsored Post: How to increase traffic to your blog through Instagram

How to increase traffic to your blog through Instagram

Getting new readers to your blog can seem like an impossible challenge. However, using social media you can create a consistent stream of readers who follow links straight from Instagram, Facebook etc, right to your posts.

Instagram is highly competitive, but by using an Instagram bot you will be able to gain an edge over your competitors. The best instagram bot, in our opinion, is SocialGrow. It is simple and easy to use, as all you need to do is enter your settings to decide what types of people you wish to target. Then, SocialGrow handles the rest, sifting through Instagram to like content that is similar to your page. Other users will start to follow these links back to your pack which will mean more likes, follows and comments, and ultimately more users tapping on your website link and landing on your blog.

However, an Instagram bot is not a miracle solution. You still need to make sure that you:

(1) Post amazing content - even if you are getting more traffic to your page, these people will not engage with you if your page is boring or has bad photos.

 (2) Engage with your fans - make sure that you are encouraging your followers to become long term fans (and readers of your blog!) by engaging with them, tagging them and generally bringing them into your community.

 (3) Build connections with similar pages - build a network of pages similar to yours so you can all shout each other out, share content, and generally grow together. Your direct competitors can become your closest allies if it’s beneficial for you both to grow your pages at the same time!

Instagram is difficult to master, but a combination of a bot and genuine content can put you on the track to complete success


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