Tuesday, 28 June 2016

How To Build High Quality Backlinks

  Welcome to Build A Perfect Blog. In this article am going to take you on how to build quality backlinks. This is the most important thing that many Bloggers don't really do, but it is very important. Because getting high quality backlinks, create more web traffic and is one of the most popular method to boost your content on the  competition of Blogsphere. However, getting the method to good high quality backlinks might take a little bit of your time. But believe me it is the right thing to do.

  Firstly, you need to start by understanding what Backlinks is and it benefit to your content. Then you can start extend your efforts to build even more Backlinks using a creative and an effective way that will maximize the potential of your content.

  What is Backlink ?

  Backlink is an incoming Hyperlink that connects the web page or content to another website. You know, Backlinks are very important when it comes to page ranking, because Google rates them highly. Meanwhile, the Backlinks themselves must be of good quality in order to generate the ranking needed to boost your content ranking aheead of the competition 

  Having quality Backlinks is very important because, having 20 good Backlinks is better than having 100 bad once, because the 20 quality Backlinks will beat  the 100 bad once in terms of Google ranking. This is why you must start to strive for quality Backlinks every time. Although, it might take you time to build backlinks to your contents, because people will like to see it and decide to link to it, in order to add more value to there site or blog.

  If you have decided to start building quality Backlinks, then you have made the right decision. It is just for you to wait to see the good result of your hard work.

Write A Long And Interesting Article 

Now you need to know that one of the way of building quality Backlinks is; is creating long and interesting post, that uses chart, images  and other graphics to really make it interesting. Your article will have to be at lease 1000 to maybe 1300 or 2000 words long and make sure you are giving your reader the real and good information that they need.

Create Special Days

  Another good way of getting good quality Backlinks is observing  special days like; Valentine's Day, Easter's, Christmas and the rest of it, to offer discount to on your products or services

  Note that, you will need to do some analysis to know the kind of holidays your audience like to know the type of content that best match there interest. But I think Valentine days are wildly observe and everyone love to share. So, I prefer you should write good content and raise your campaign on valentine days, which is bound to get high traffic and quality Backlinks.

Guest Blogging

  Do you want to make a good impression? if yes. Then Guest Blogging is one of the best way to get quality Backlinks. Just look for a good place to write guest blog, believe me your post is going to go viral if you do this and not only go viral, but it will also help someone else out and in return you will get huge traffic and quality Backlinks as well.

  Understand that it will consume you time writing interesting content. But if you can pull through it, the you stint as a Guest Blogger will pay off big time for your efforts. One important thing you should consider as Guest Blogger is to write a related and interesting post that will attract readers attention and also provides room for you to write another post for the Blogger.

  Guest Blogging can be more rewarding in many ways than one. So, if you have the time to do thing right, the you should market your services as Guest Blogging.

Interact With Other Blogs 

  When you visit other Blogs or see other videos you like and it is within your Niche don't just read or view and say "Nice Job" and leave it at that. Make sure you write good and interesting comment or reviews so that you can really extend your thoughts. Don't fail to be  positive, articulate and get straight to the point. Make it very friendly and understandable to create more audience and also drop a link related to that topic to create a unique Backlinks. 

Offer Free Products And Services

You know this days everyone wants it free. So offering free product might be a little bit expensive but believe me it will boost your audience level. You can offer free e-Books or Promotional gift if you want to. Then, by doing this your services might be needed more than often.




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