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Add A Marketplace To Your Blog And Make Money With StackSocial

 For the past years, blogging has been so transforming and I have discovered so many things that can make you lots of money online. I will be doing this very often, so make sure you stay updated, subscribe to this blog. Today What I have for you will excite you.

Build a Perfect Blog’s aims as usual, is to make blogging a full-profession for its readers. I don’t really mean that you must be a blogger, to benefit from this blog. In fact, this one is for everyone. I mean it’s for you.

I want to introduce StackSocial to you today, maybe you have heard of it before or this is your first time of hearing it. No problem as I am going explain how it works on this post. StackSocial can help bloggers to monetize their blog content with relevant product related to your content. Let’s get to it.

StackSocial  is an e-commerce company that publishes deals on physical and digital products. There deals are ranged from electronics to software to online courses. They are more like Appsumo, but for all products and all the same time.

Did you know Citizens Goods and Skillwise Are all e-commerce platforms of the origin company StackCommerce. Today StackCommerce is what I will be focusing.  Let’s get it started!
Like mentioned earlier, StackSocial ambition is to sell products through quality and relevant content. 

In fact, StackCommerce is bloggers monetization app. It enable blog/website owners to add white label e-commerce website. What a smart way to monetize our blogs/websites and other web properties. 

Let’s take the WHY, before going to the HOW.

Are you a blogger or you just started blogging recently? If yes, then it is more than likely that you are targeting a specific niche to blog in. Example, it might be that you are blogging about technology, tutorials or productivity.

If you are blogging on a particular niche content, that means your blog is going to have a specific kind of audience, which will make you become an authority in that space. Then people will start interacting with the content that they read, they will start reacting to it in different ways.

 Let me assume, if you have a blog content that is titled “How to make money online” people might start implementing what they read on the post. That is the power of the post on your blog. Now people are taking action on your blog post you write.

If people react to your blog content very well, then they are more likely to take a step further and might buy a product that you recommend for them.

That is “Why”.

Now let’s go to “HOW”…

There is one thing I have discovered over the years I have been blogging and so many amateur bloggers are not doing it right. Blogging is not a get rich quick system, blogging is a passion. It does not matter if am making money from it or not. What matter most to me is, sharing my experience with you, some time it use to take me up to three days to complete one content. That is blogging. If you really want to sell and want people to purchase your products through your blog, then you need to work on the one thing I have discovered and that is “Quality content”. Take your time to write quality content, because your message is very important. If you are writing with the intention to sell, believe me you will not sell.

What are StackCommerce’s features? 

StackCommerce integrated store lets you run an e-commerce enterprise from your website/blog.

StackCommerce curates (select or organize) the products based on your blog content and give you highly relevant products to sell on your store. They also take care of customer service, payments and even copy-writing for you.

StackCommerce have a system that will give you the analytics you want to improve your sales. They also have tools that will help you with promoting your content. If your blog/website deals with teaching, you can integrate a particular feature called “Academies”. It let you monetize your curse content.

Integrate a shop to your blog for up-selling products in your niche

For blogs that teach skills, Academies are a good way to monetize courses

Once you have sign up for StackCommerce affiliate program, you will gain access to all product available and been sold in the store (StackSocial, Citizen Goods and Skillwise). All this are easy copy able affiliate links that you can get started with. 

There dashboard gives you a total picture of the affiliate sales that have been made through your blog/ website.

There are over 1,500 products in the store to choose from, there is also a search box that is available, which you can use to search for specific products.

This is how the StackSocial affiliate program dashboard

In summary, I recommend to you StackCommerce, as it can be of great benefit to every blogger. If you really want to make ends meet through blogging this is how you do it.

Please let me know in the comment section, if you are really excited to get started with StackCommerce? I would also like to know, if you want to sell a products in your niche, what would they be?

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