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The Genuine Way To Earn Money Online

Earning some extra box from the comfort of your home is not that very easy this days because of  increase in the rate of scams surfacing the internet. I remembered few years back when I took some surveys, the very first one I took was from a link a friend sent to me via email. I called him on phone after receiving the mail and ask, does this link you sent to me really work? He said yes, that he has been doing it for some days and his balance kept on growing. I asked him, how does it work? He said I should go ahead and register first, once am done with the registration, I will be given a welcome bonus of $50 for successfully registering. I did exactly what he said and I was rewarded with the $50 bonus on registering. He also told me that, I have two options to earn some cash through the link he sent to me.

 Offers They Will Offer You

1. Refer a friend(i.e each friend I refer earns me a $100)
2. Take online Survey(earning from this one varies $20-$200, depending on the kind of survey you took and time spent on taking the survey). Meaning the more survey and time took for the survey the more money.

I was very happy! Because I succeeded in referring over 50 friends which made me over $2,500 in just one day with no stress at all. Wait... Just to refer friends I made over $2,500 without taking any survey, just imagine how much I would have made, if at all I took any Survey that day.

Payout Time!!!

This was my most excited moment of my life!
Threshold for payment was already reach the first day I registered, which was $500. But I made over $500 the first day. It is time to get my payment and I was very happy.  Wait... What happen. They said click on the "Request for Payment" button to receive your payment. Hmmm! I think the story should end here... But no, this is so sad to tell, let me try. Ok, I click on the REQUEST FOR PAYMENT button, what was the response after all the effort I put in sharing those links to my friends... I quote the response "Dear valid client the payment method is not yet available in your home country. Please try again later!"

I was very angry with myself. Why was I angry? Because, I didn't ask myself in the start what was my value to them, to get paid huge amount. I never knew what their ambitions were, I never knew they were using us to get what they wanted. Let me tell you what were their motions...

What They Gain From You That You Don't Know

Somebody can't do that just for free, they know what they want from you, which are; 
1. Email List
2. Traffic

1. Email List

While you are busy sharing your link and inviting some friends to register, They are also busy building their own email list. How do they accomplish this? Yes they do this each time new audience or visitor registers on their website. How? On registration, you will be required to summit or fill in your email address, once you are done with the registration you email address have been registered on their list.

What Do They Do With This Email List?

Once they have gotten huge amount of email list, what they do with it is either they sell it or they use it for their own personal use like sending you promotional offers, affiliate links and so on and so forth

2. Traffic

They also us this medium as a traffic generating source. Why do they do this? They might have some advertisement running on their websites which they need visitors to see. They can also sell the traffic to other website. 

I have a lot write but, let me cut the story here and give you some thing that will be of benefit to you.

I know this story of mine must have discouraged you from anything related to making money online. Yes I was also been discouraged from what I experienced back then. For about a year I didn't get close to anything related to making money online. It took me much time to figure out the genuine way to make money online. Earning money online is not that very easy, but I have figure out best paid survey tested and trusted ways to earn some cash online from the comfort of you home, office, in fact any where in the world so far as you can surf the internet where ever you are, using your PC or a Smart phone. I am not going to cover all the ways I have discovered, but will just take one on this post, then later I will talk about the rest on new post I will be making in future.

 The Genuine Way To Earn Money Online

Earning income from home is what everybody wants, You can, in fact, earn money taking online surveys like I mention in the starting or accept some company offers. That’s right, you can get paid for giving your opinion on some sturf like product and services survey. Before I began to work at BuildaPerfectBlog, I have already done this for quiet some time. Your age and nationality does not really matter, the only thing you need is an internet connection and some spare time to take surveys.


I have take my time to select the genuine survey companies that have been tested and trusted so that you can save your time from going to search for real paid surveys, just register at once here. Below are the list of best paid survey sites;

1. Click For Survey

2. Paid Surveys At Home

3. Take Surveys For Cash

4. Get Cash For Surveys

5. Golden Opinions
    I also recommend Golden Opinions they are good and I have used them. They offer 7 days free trial.

These are all I have for now. This list will be updated, once I found new and trusted Survey Companies or Websites.

Note: This is not a get rich quick, it will take you some time to make some reasonable cash online.

Please, don't hesitate to share your opinions and and experiences you have gotten through making money online.

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