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How To Create Payoneer Account

The world have gone so far in technology, thanks to the world of technology. Payoneer is the best way to receive payment from top freelancing websites such as, Odesk, Freelancer, Fiverr and affiliate networks, such as, Plimus, Adfly, Infolinks and many others, payment from other companies that are not base in you country and it is done online. You can withdraw the  money you received from any Mastercard ATM or you can transfer the money directly into your bank account. The fun in using payoneer is, this entities pay you in their local currencies wihtout encuring any exchange interest rate and you withdraw it in your own local currency.  I know this sounds crazy but its real. Why don’t you grap this opportunity by opening an account today withpayoneer

The Reason You Should Used Payoneer

Why choose payoneer? Although there are lot of other services out there that can provide you with the same services such as Payoneer. But Payoneer is tested and trusted by so many users around the Globe since 2005 it was discovered. This is why signing up with Payoneer is so essential? By sigining with  Payoneer you don’t Have any thing to worry of, because they are  the only online payment service that provides you with the ability to use its services very easily. It also provides you with a mastercard that you can use worldwide. This is not all!

Signing up with Payoneer gives you the best value with transactions as well. This easily makes the service the best choice that you can get when it comes to online payment services.

How To Create  Payoneer Account

First thing you need to consider before signing up for Payoneer account is, you must be 18 years and above before you can sign up for an account. Creating an account with Payoneer is very easy to do just click on Sign Up to sign up now. You will receive a bonus of $25 by signing up through the link. Make sure you provide correct details on your registration form as Payoneer are going to review your application, most especially your card details must be correct, if not your application will be rejected.

After getting approval, you will receive your Payoneer MasterCard within the interval of 10 – 20days, it might also take up to one month or there about depending on your region.

Activating your Payoneer MasterCard

One more thing to do after receiving your MasterCard is activating your MasterCard, if not you can not make use of it.

Activating your MasterCard login to your Payoneer account you will see a notification prompting you to view your status and activate you card, click on the activate button, then enter your card details. Now that you have done this, you have successfully activated your Payoneer MasterCard. You can now receive payment on your Payoneer Account. Note that the minimum amount you can receive or send to other Payoneer Card Holders is $20.

Withdrawing Your Money

Now, it is time for you to make your withdrawer. Just go to any MasterCard supported ATM wordwide and withdraw your money.

Make sure you refer a friend. If you do, the friend you refered create an account you will receive a referal bonus of $25 and your friend will also receive the same $25 for creating an account.

I believe this was helpful to you. Please let me know if it was helpful by droping a comment below. If you have any issue, let me know as am willing to help you. Don’t forget to share this post to your friends.


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