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Adding Google Analytics To Blogger

 Adding Google Analytics To Blogger

Adding google analytics to blogger, will provide useful information about the performance of your blog and your audience performance, it will give you information about your blogger blog visitors behaviour at a particular point in time, it is a platform created to with the purpose of  help us bloggers to be able to track the number of page views and visits we receive each day from our blog. It is not just for this purpose alone, google analytics help us to understand where and when our blog is not doing well, it enable us to perfectly optimize our blog performance, so that our blogs can rank well in search engines. Google analytics, tells us where exactly our blog visitors are coming from, that is there Genders, Age, Countries, what they are interested in, how much time they spent on your blog and so on. Google analytics give you live reports from your blog, with estimated number of views. Google analytics is the leading free tool globally, it has a good relationship with the internet marketing and it gives you suggestions and improvement benefits for our blogs or website.

Google analytics tools is not the only one you need, for your blog development, there are variety of tools also developed by google to to improve your blog performance such as; google console tool, google adsword/keywords tool and the rest. But I'm not going to discuss about all of them in this post. I will only focus on google analytics tools, the rest shall come up on my future post.

Adding Google Analytics To Blogger

Adding google analytics to blogger, Google analytics tool will not work if you don't add google analytics tracking id to your blogger blog. Now how do you go about doing this? The answer is follow the steps below to add google analytics to your blogger blog. 

Lets begin;

By this time I think you already have a google account(i.e Gmail Account) because you need it.

1. If you already have a google analytics account, that is perfect, but if you don't have you need to register.

2. Navigate to the Admin  section, you will see the Property Column n Click Menu when done with that,    click Create New Property, now enter the information of your blog.

 3. Click on Get Tracking ID, after clicking it will provide your google analytics tracking id and an HTML/Javascript code, copy highlight and copy the HTML/Javascript code by pressing(Ctrl+C)

4. Log in to your Blogger Account Dashboard

5. Click on Template >> Click on Edit HTML button

 6. Search for the closing body tag by pressing(Ctrl+F) </body>  and paste HTML/Javascript code you copied above the closing </body> tag. as shown below,

7. Click on the the Save Template button

You are not yet done with adding google analytics to blogger, one more thing, COPY  the google analytics Tracking ID this time not the HTML/Javascript code, check from the above pictures you will see how the google analytics Tracking ID looks like. Still on your Blogger dashboard, >>Click on settings >>Click on Other >>Paste the google analytics Tracking ID on the Analytics Web Property ID Blank Box you see and >>Click on Save settings button.

Finally, you are done with adding google analytics tracking code and id to your blogger blog. Now you have to wait for about 24 hours, before you start seeing data of your blog on google analytics. 
If no data reading, then check the follow;

* Make sure double check that HTML/Javascript code has no spaces or characters.
* Make sure you implemented the code correctly.
* Make sure the Flash Plugin is working or Javascript is enabled.
* You may have some minor issues if your traffic are coming from China(this conflicts is yet to be solved, according to Google).

We are now done with adding google analytics to blogger, I believed this post have solved your problem, if you are still having issue let me know on the comment box. If you also have question regarding blogging but not on this topic let me know.

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