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How To Make Money With Facebook 2016

 How to make money from facebook. Discover how I made over $1000 dollar in one day.
Everyone want's to know what the one secret is to making money online. But what is it? and can anyone do it? Is it who you know? Is it magical software? Or is it just one big secret?
Well I have been making money online now, for the past one year and I have made many people do the same and I can tell you , it would come down to just one thing, thatis; "traffic". But for most people, this is the hard part and it is why ninty nine percent (99%) of everyone that tries to make
money online fails.

So, in this short post I'm going explain to you, how I have manage to crack the code on getting unlimited dead cheap traffic, from one of the biggest site online, that is; "Facebook". For  just one cent ($0.01) per visitor and I'm going to tell you how I have managed to do this and I'm going to give you the exact steps, that you can take to start getting as low as 1 cent ($0.01) per click on Facebook ads and get unlimited lesser targeted to traffic and make money today.

Alright, it's quite simple, here is how it works. The first thing you should do is to choose something to promote/sale and this can be an affiliate link from any of the affiliates network. Such as; Clickbank, Amazon, Jumia, Konga and many others. I can also be your product. You then create your Facebook ads and you then chose who you want your Facebook ads to be targeted at, then you set your budget and this can be as low as $5 for example. Your ads will then appear on Facebook in front of your targets audience/prospects from the right hand side of Facebook and people who are interested in what you are promoting will now click on your ad and go to your landing page or affiliate website directly and you can pay as low as 1 cent ($0.01) per click every time someone click's on your ad. People you send to this affiliate link might end up buying something you're promoting through the Facebook ads and you make money. It is pretty that simple. There is
no magical push button software.

The only difference  between me and everyone else who is tring to use facebook ads is thst, I pay just as low as one cent ($0.01) per click. Whereas, everyone else is paying any where between 1 dollar ($1) to three dollar ($3) per click.

How do I do this?

Ok, show tell you how I do this. For you that is reading this post right now. Let me just make sure you understand one thing, ok because am not sure if you are new to this or you have been doing thisfor a while. But I'm going to assume that you are an absolute beginner and you have never done something like this before. ok!

Firstly, I want you forget about everything else you have seen, there is no push button software or there is no one
click riches. All that stuff you've been seeing, that the Gurus have been pushing to you is just a Gammik.

In order for you to make money online, all you need is only these two things; traffic and something to sell, that is actually   it those are the only two things that you need, forget about everything else you've been told. Let's be real, all you need is constant flow of targeted traffic coming to an offer you're promoting. People come to your website, they buy what you are selling and you make money, does that make sense? But traffic it the hardest part and that is the more reasons most people struggle to make any money online or see any results. Traffic and lots of it is what you need if you want to stand any chance of making any money online. To be honest with you, most of the traffic methods that are currently available right now, just don't bring the results that you want.

So let's take a look at some methods that are currently available for generating traffic. they are already only two types of traffic; there is free traffic and there is paid traffic. You know most people think, oh I'm going to start with free traffic, because it's free and I'm going to start making money. But in reality, free traffic does not really work, why would you be westing your time on free traffic. Ok, if it really worked, I don't think  you would be reading this post right now, would you? In my experience, the only traffic that I know, that would make you decent money and I'm talking about money that would allow you to do anything that you want, is paid traffic. Paid traffic is better for the following reasons; it is very targeted, it is instant, you only get targeted people who are interested in what you are promoting or selling, you see results very fast and you can scale very quickly. But one thing with occurring paid traffic method is that, how currently they are, they just cost way too much and most people just don't want  to risk paying for traffic.

That is why this is so great, because you can get traffic for as low as 1 cent ($0.01) per click, by following my steps. For example with this method $5 could get you 500 visitors at 1 cent ($0.01) per click. OK let me assume that you are promoting a product from click bank, that pays you around $40 commission per sale and let me say that only one percent (1%) of the traffic you send to your affiliate link purchased the product that you are promoting. Now 1% of 500 is 5 sales, so that is $40 x 5 which is 200 in commissions. Can you see the power of paid traffic. You just turned $5 into $200! Instant! Is pt that cool? This is just an assumption, remember with Facebook ads, you can target the most targeted visitors that will be very interested in buying what you are promoting or selling which means you can make more than that in one day.

How To Start Making Money On Facebook?

Remember, with Facebook ads you can dig down so deep! That you will only get the laser targeted traffic, which will result in a high percentage of people coming to your affiliate link or site will buy what you are promoting or selling...

Now, I'm not sure what stage that you are right now. But I'm going to assume that you are an absolute beginner, you are just out, may be you have already got a website or may be you are already an affiliate you promote another products, maybe you are promoting MLM or Networking Marketing Opportunity. 

Well, whatever  it is, whatever you want to promote. You can get the very best most laser targeted traffic at just onc cent ($0.01) per click.

Ok, remember there are just two things that you need to make money online, that is traffic and something to sell. So let's start by finding something to sell. I you are new to this and you don't have a website, you really don't need a website or your own product. You can simply sell someone else product from any affiliate Network like Clickbank, Click show, Amazon or any other affiliate Network of your choice.

Step 1:

Choose an affiliate product to promote and get your affiliate link. Make sure that any affiliate network you are using, you are good with their method of payment. So that you can easily withdraw your earned commissions. Some accept PayPal, Payoneer, Wire transfers, Check and other methods. Also check  their payment threshold.

Step 2:

Setup a facebook campaign so that you can get one cent ($0.01) per click.. Login to you facebook account and navigate to  where it says create ad. If not sure on how to create facebook ads, then you should check this post "How to create facebook ads".

Step 3:

Just seat back and watch the performance of your campaign. If you still don't know really know to do this, you can contact me and I will help you. If you have any questions drop a comment or contact  me via email. 

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